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The Process

You nominate the projects. You choose the winners. We take care of everything else.

There are two ways to enter a project that qualifies for an award:

  1. Nomination
    • Have you found an innovative political project you consider worthy of an innovation in Politics Award? Please nominate it in the section “Nominate a project.
    • We will contact the project owner and encourage them to submit their project.

  2. Submit your own project
    • If you are a politician and want to submit a project you were involved in to the innovation in politics awards, please describe your project in the section “Submit your own project”.

Project Screening

After a project is formally submitted to the innovation in politics awards, our expert group first evaluates it to ensure it meets all of the formal criteria.

Judging of Projects

All projects which meet the formal criteria will be distributed randomly to the jury members for judging. The Jury will score the projects in terms of the substantial criteria.

The projects in each category with the highest scores will be the finalists of the Innovation in Politics Awards and are invited to the official awards ceremony, where the winners will be announced.

How the jury works

The Jury evaluates all projects online using a secure intranet voting platform. For this purpose, an online account is created by the awards office for each juror. Jurors are provided with access codes and instructions on using the account.
Jurors score each project separately according to the evaluation criteria outlined above, using a scale of 0 to 9 points for each criterion.

Evaluation of jury scoring

After all scores have been received, they are tallied up and the winners and finalists are determined using an automated electronic system.

The ten entries with the highest scores in each of the nine categories will automatically become finalists. The owners of these projects will be invited to the awards ceremony on 6 December 2017 in Vienna.

The highest-scoring project in each of the nine categories will be the category winner and will receive a trophy.

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