great minds
do not
think alike


This is an award presented by the people of europe, and by the people alone.

Become a Juror

All European citizens will be invited to apply for jury membership through a Europe-wide social-media campaign. 1,000 Europeans – representative of the European population in terms of nationality, sex, age and profession − will be randomly selected from the applications received.

Nominate a Project

Anyone can nominate projects that, in their view, meet the criteria. Nominations can be made via the awards website or by e-mail to Politicians may nominate their own projects. All project owners who have been nominated are invited to submit a full application containing all the necessary information for the jury.

Submit your own Project

Projects are accepted from politicians at all political levels (European, national, regional and local) in all member countries of the council of Europe. This includes all elected and appointed representatives at all levels of government who are or were in office at the time the submitted project started. This means that local and regional councils, local officials (mayors, councillors, etc.), national officials and members of parliament – as individuals and as political bodies − are all entitled to take part. We are aware of the fact that political work in Europe takes various forms – if you are not sure whether this definition applies to you, please submit your project nevertheless!

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