1,000 europeans

The Jury

We the people decide what innovative politics is.

A jury of 1,000 Europeans

All European citizens are invited to apply for jury membership. 1,000 Europeans – representative of the European population in terms of nationality, sex and age − will be randomly selected from all applications received.

Become a juror and become part of a group of citizens committed to improving politics in Europe! Apply for jury membership here.

Jurors are not paid, but all jurors will take part in a raffle. Ten jurors will be invited to the gala on 6 december 2017 in Vienna as our guests, including travel expenses and accommodation.


The jury evaluates all projects online using a secure intranet voting platform. Points are awarded on the basis of the awards criteria. The finalists will be the highest-ranking projects and the project owners will be invited to the awards ceremony.

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